You wouldn't build a house without a plan.
We wouldn't want to repair your vehicle without one either!
When you select Marion Collision Center for repair of your damaged vehicle, you are making the best choice for yourself and your automobile. For over 20 years, we have employed advanced repair processes and high quality standards to improve the customer repair experience. As a result, we are able to repair vehicles in less than 1/2 the amount of the industry average repair time. That means your properly repaired vehicle is returned to you faster. One of the key ways we accomplish such fast repair times is through the use of a repair plan. 

In the old traditional model of a body shop repair, the shop would provide a written sheet with what the estimator thought would be necessary to fix the car and a good faith cost estimate. The vehicle would come in for repairs and the work would stop each time the technician came across an additional needed part, then the insurance company would be called to gain approvals.  This cycle could repeat itself several times on the same repair. The stop and start nature of working from an estimate results in more time required to repair your vehicle.

At Marion Collision Center we do it differently

We create a complete repair plan that expedites your vehicle through the repair process. A repair plan is an exact, step-by-step process that includes all necessary parts, repair operations, and approvals required to correctly repair your vehicle.
A repair plan is created for your vehicle soon after it arrives. The vehicle damage area is completely disassembled by our repair planning team. All parts and operations needed to repair your vehicle are identified at this time. Parts are ordered and approvals gained now instead of throughout the repair.

Simply stated, once repairs begin, they continue without interruption saving time and money for you and the many insurance companies we work closely with.


The benefits to you from our use of a repair plan versus working from an estimate include:

  • You know the exact cost of the repair before it is completed
  • You know when the vehicle will be ready for delivery
  • There are no surprises or delays during the repair process
  • You know the repair is done right the first time

You will be glad you selected Marion Collision Center to repair your vehicle. And, because of our unique repair planning process, you will know exactly what to expect - a first class repair completed on time.



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