If your insurance company partners with Marion Collision Center and our Repair Planning Program, you won't need an estimate. Just leave it to us!
How is a "No-Estimate" Repair Different?
Marion Collision Center's Repair Planning Process means the customer saves time by making less trips to Marion Collision Center.  And for insurance companies, it reduces their overall burden with fewer inspections, less paperwork and multiple payments.  That's why they choose to partner with us.  It saves time and money for both you and your insurance company.

How Does it Benefit Everyone Involved?
Repair Planning allows us to spend less time submitting and getting approvals before proceeding with your repairs.  That's why we developed it in conjunction with select insurance companies.  We trust one another to do what's right.  This results in quicker, more thorough repairs and a happier customer for both of us.

Do You Not Do Estimates Anymore?
We have multiple estimators on our team and they perform a key role for us.  Because we are so busy, we do estimates by appointment every day.  But estimates take time and are often inaccurate because they don't reveal hidden damages that can't be seen during the initial inspection.  This is where the process slows down and it can become frustrating.  With a "No-Estimate" Repair, and Repair Planning, we move right into a full tear-down of your vehicle so that nothing is missed.  This eliminates delays and saves everyone, time and money.

How Do You Participate in the Repair Planning Process and "No-Estimate" Repairs?
You don't need to do anything.  Marion Collision Center will automatically apply our Repair Planning Process in every case possible.  If your insurance company partners with us in our Repair Planning Process, it allows us to begin your repairs more quickly because we don't have to wait for their approval.

How Do I Find Out if My Insurance Company Participates?
Just tell us who your insurance carrier is.  We'll let you know right away if they are one of our program partners.



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