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Marion Collision Center and Marion Toyota Team Up for Project CAR

Initiative will provide less fortunate individuals and families with reliable transportation.

Project CAR (Caring Auto Rehab) is now actively seeking donated vehicles that will be refurbished and repaired for southern Illinoisans in desperate need of a reliable vehicle.  Project CAR is a joint effort between Marion Collision Center and Marion Toyota. 
Marion Collision Center and Marion Toyota want to utilize their team members skills for what they are best at...automobiles.  They'll donate their…
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Advantages of a Clean Driving Record on Auto Insurance

A better driver will always pay less for car insurance. An agency will look at an applicant's driving record for any past mistakes or traffic violations. If they do not find any and if the applicant has a solid driving experience they will offer the best prices possible. Clients should note that the driving record is not the only thing that counts.

Agencies will prefer an applicant who has a safe vehicle and a…

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Hurricanes Leaving Damaged Vehicles in Their Wake

Left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, is a wake of flooded and damaged cars....maybe close to a million in number.

Even the slightest bit of water damage can go a long way in causing serious damage to both the inside and outside of a vehicle.  But how can you tell if your vehicle has taken on any water damage?  Flood water can totally soak the electronics of a vehicle, the…
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Take the Car Insurance Quiz

If you're looking for car insurance, make sure you're armed with the most information about the discounts that you qualify for. Money expert Matt Granite has several statistics that can help you save in the car insurance game.

A car insurance policy can consist of multiple parts, each paying for a different type of problem. If you don’t understand all the parts, you might not know what your current policy covers. And…
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'Magic Glue' Could Provide Quick Reversible Bonding in Auto Body Shop

Researchers at the American Chemistry Council and Michigan State University have developed a 'magic glue' which could be cured, unbonded and rebonded in a manner of minutes and shows promise at the collision repair level.

The substance involves nanoparticle balls of iron dust inside of a polymer, according to a video from ACC's plastics arm.  Applying electric current causes them to vibrate and reach temperatures between 320-800 within seconds, but not so much the…
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10 Ways to Lower Car Insurance Costs

Earlier today, Consumer Reports released 10 things that customers can do to cut their insurance premiums without reducing their coverage or increasing their exposure.  Consumer Reports recommends these 10 strategies to help customers meet this goal.
  1. Do an Annual Rate Check
  2. Pick a Top-Rated Insurer
  3. Set the Right Deductible
  4. Review All of Your Coverage
  5. Take Advantage of Discounts
  6. Maintain Multiple Policies
  7. Maintain a Good Credit Score
  8. Report Reduced Mileage
  9. Choose Your Car Wisely
  10. Manage Teenage…
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Child Auto Fatalities on the Rise

New numbers released by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show an increase in fatal car accidents involving children.

The statistics are surprising, considering the availability and awareness of child safety seats.

This week marks Child Passenger Safety Week around the country, but safety experts are now disappointed by recent data. 

"Data from 2015 recently released indicated that there was a 10% increase in fatalities for children under the age of 13,” Kate Carr of…

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Americans Waste Money on Premium Gas

According to research by the automobile club AAA, in a report released Tuesday September 20th, there is no sense paying for premium gasoline if your car is designed to run on regular gas.

Some drivers like to think that they can improve their vehicle performance with premium gas. Premium blends typically cost about 50 cents a gallon more than regular.

But AAA says it's just money wasted . In a national survey, AAA said 16…

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The First Corvette

On this day (June 30th) in 1953, the first production Corvette is built at the General Motors facility in Flint, Michigan. Tony Kleiber, a worker on the assembly line, is given the privilege of driving the now-historic car off the line.

Harley J. Earl, the man behind the Corvette, got his start in his father’s business, Earl Automobile Works, designing custom auto bodies for Hollywood movie stars such as Fatty Arbuckle. In 1927, General…

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Toyota Prius Plug-In to Feature Solar Panels in Japan, Europe

2017 Toyota Prius Prime front side view

When the next generation of the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid hits Japan and Europe, it will feature a rooftop solar panel, reports Automotive News. Don't expect this technology to hit the 'States right away, as this technology currently doesn't hold up to U.S. rollover crash tests.

According to Koji Toyoshima, chief engineer of the Prius plug-in, Toyota doesn't currently have the technology to laminate the photovoltaic cells in a resin that won't shatter in the event of a rollover accident. Currently, the Japanese market solar panels are placed in reinforced glass sheeting that isn't…

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