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Curb Check, Don't Ignore It

Curb Check, Don't Ignore It

We have witnessed many of our customer’s cars suffer damage from hitting the curb. When the winter roads are slick, you are more likely to, unfortunately, hit the curb.

While running into the curb may not seem like a major threat to your vehicle, in reality it has the capacity to do serious harm. When it happens, most of us think little of it and continue on our way. We certainly don’t think…

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Protect Your Car From Parking Lot Accidents

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The National Safety Council (NSC), tens of thousands of crashes happen in parking lots and garage structures every year. Hundreds are killed and thousands are injured in these generally low speed crashes.

So, what can you do to avoid becoming one of these statistics?

Skip the Distractions

We’ve all been told to pull over to the side of the road before using our phones or programing the GPS, and many of these devices require…

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How to Handle an Out of State Road Trip Accident

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Car accidents are stressful at any time of the year, in any weather, no matter where you’re driving. But during the summer, with so many more drivers on the road, driving in unfamiliar places, an out of state car accident is much more likely!

Do you know what to do when you’re in an accident out of state? Do you know if your insurance covers you when you’re out of state? What…

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Caring For Your Car's New Paint After A Repair

Your car has been to the collision shop, it’s been repaired, made to look new, and you’ve taken it home. If it had a new paint job, your body shop technicians were meticulous in ensuring that the new paint matched the old paint. Paint is tasked with protecting your car from rust, so it’s up to you to keep it in shape.

Look for Flaws

As with any repair, if you notice something isn’t right, say something as soon as possible. This goes for paint too! One of the hardest parts about painting a car after…

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Rust Damange - Is it really that bad?

A little bit of rust on your car may seem like just a cosmetic issue, but rust can be a much bigger problem. Rust on a vehicle can eat away at the components, the structure and the safety. If you do have rust in or on your car, the best way to handle it is with proper treatment.

Rusting out the metal

When metal is exposed to oxygen and water, it creates iron oxide, otherwise…

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How to Clean Your Vehicle's Safety Sensors of Snow and Ice

As snow, ice, or salt grime gathers on cars this winter, many of the sensors that are key to the operation of advanced safety systems can become blocked and shut down.

Take, for example, forward-collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems. These life-saving features rely on radar sensors that are often mounted in the car's grille—sometimes even in the car's emblem—or on its front bumpers. When these sensors can…

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Hurricanes Leaving Damaged Vehicles in Their Wake

Left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, is a wake of flooded and damaged cars....maybe close to a million in number.

Even the slightest bit of water damage can go a long way in causing serious damage to both the inside and outside of a vehicle.  But how can you tell if your vehicle has taken on any water damage?  Flood water can totally soak the electronics of a vehicle, the…
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'Magic Glue' Could Provide Quick Reversible Bonding in Auto Body Shop

Researchers at the American Chemistry Council and Michigan State University have developed a 'magic glue' which could be cured, unbonded and rebonded in a manner of minutes and shows promise at the collision repair level.

The substance involves nanoparticle balls of iron dust inside of a polymer, according to a video from ACC's plastics arm.  Applying electric current causes them to vibrate and reach temperatures between 320-800 within seconds, but not so much the…
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The First Corvette

On this day (June 30th) in 1953, the first production Corvette is built at the General Motors facility in Flint, Michigan. Tony Kleiber, a worker on the assembly line, is given the privilege of driving the now-historic car off the line.

Harley J. Earl, the man behind the Corvette, got his start in his father’s business, Earl Automobile Works, designing custom auto bodies for Hollywood movie stars such as Fatty Arbuckle. In 1927, General…

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Common Reasons Why Your Car May Not Be Starting

Car won’t start? This could be caused by a variety of things, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common reasons and tips for troubleshooting the cause. Typically, there are subtle distinctions between the causes, as listed below, and it can save you some time at a repair shop if you know what the issue is upfront.
Here are the most common reasons your car may not start:

  • The battery…
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