Advantages of a Clean Driving Record on Auto Insurance

A better driver will always pay less for car insurance. An agency will look at an applicant's driving record for any past mistakes or traffic violations. If they do not find any and if the applicant has a solid driving experience they will offer the best prices possible. Clients should note that the driving record is not the only thing that counts.

Agencies will prefer an applicant who has a safe vehicle and a clean driving record. Usually, safe family cars are rated best and having a low mileage rate can also help. These factors are important because agencies use a rating system to determine how risky is to insure someone.

It makes sense that agencies will offer better rates to applicants who have a clean driving record and a reliable car with a low mileage rate. Apart from these factors, someone's financial record is also important. Other things can also count such as the marital status and the type of coverage that someone buys.

Someone who has any of the following recorded in his or her driving record will be considered a high-risk driver: multiple speeding tickets, tickets for reckless driving, tickets for not giving right of way and any DUI arrests.

An agency will take into account offenses that happened in the last 3 to 10 years, but some serious violations, like driving under the influence may still increase auto insurance premiums, regardless of how long has passed since the incident.